Knowledgeable and Competent Dentistry in Nashville

Welcome to our dental practice. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care for the whole family. From regular cleanings to full-mouth reconstruction, Dr. Hancock and his staff have the experience to help you achieve and maintain excellent oral health.

Friendly, personal care in a relaxing environment

Our entire staff is happy to have you as a patient, and you can expect friendly and personal dental care throughout your visit. Dr. Hancock delivers comprehensive dental services but only to accomplish what’s actually needed for your individual dental circumstances. He never pushes you to get dental treatment that’s not necessary.

Dental Implants in one location

Knowledgeable and Competent Dentist

Dr. Hancock is very knowledgeable, and will explain all your options for replacing missing teeth.

Dr. Hancock is excited to bring dental implant technology to his patients. During his general dentist practice residency, he placed implants for about 350 patients, much more than even the oral surgery students performed. He recommends implants whenever it’s possible because they provide the strongest, decay-free and natural-looking solution for missing teeth. Dr. Hancock does the entire implant procedure in his office, eliminating the need for a patient to make an appointment with an oral surgeon.

Learn more about dental implants. 

Full-Mouth Restoration

Dr. Hancock performs full-mouth restorations that take into account aesthetics, health and function. A full-mouth makeover can include any of the following: crowns, root canal therapy, bridges, implants, gum disease treatment, dentures or teeth straightening. Dr. Hancock will work with you and your budget to bring your oral health to the most optimum state possible.

Your first visit

Knowledgeable and Competent Dentist

You will always be greeted with a warm welcome at our office.

When you arrive at Dr. Hancock’s practice for the first time, our friendly receptionist will greet you and provide you with the forms that need to be filled out. Your next step is getting digital X-rays and an exam. Dr. Hancock will go over the results of the diagnostics  and explain any problems that may be present. He will go over his treatment recommendations and options, keeping any budget or lifestyle concerns you have in mind. Lastly, our friendly, experienced and gentle hygienist will give you a thorough cleaning.

Sedation dentistry – helping fearful patients relax

If you suffer from anxiety or fear when it comes to dental procedures, rest assured you are in good hands. Dr. Hancock is well trained in sedation dentistry, both oral and IV. Patients who are undergoing a dental procedure that requires a longer amount of time in the chair sometimes prefer this as well.

To make an appointment, call (615) 823-5011 or click here to request an appointment online.